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About Moors Havanese

Moors Havanese is located in Beaverton, Ontario Canada. My Havanese enjoy living on a 100 acre farm with my Bernese Mountain dogs, Gypsy Vanner horses. I have spent my entire life caring for animals. In the past I worked as a  registered nurse.  These skill help with the care of my animals. I  understand the importance of health clearances,  studying pedigree lines prior to breeding in order to provide a healthy happy puppy to their new family members. All of my havanese are looked after with the greatest care.  I hope you enjoy my havanese.


 A brief introduction to my clients about Moors Havanese. My passion for country life and animals made me to decide to purchase a farm in  my early 20's.This is where my havanese/ bernese/ gypsy vanner horses live. The summer of 2015 a photographer  Manulea Stephan (www.  contacted me wishing to take photos of my Gsphy Vanner Horses as well as purchasing a havanese puppy.  When she arrive she notice my passion and love for my dogs and horses. Manuela wrote a lovely story  and took beautiful photos of my dogs and horses placing them on her blog. She agreed to let me share her work with my clients.  I have placed some of these photos  below as well as a link navigating to Manuela's  two blog about Moorshavanese/ Moorsbernese /  Pieternella Moor. At the bottom of the page I shared Manuella's information if you are interested in her as a Photographer
 Enjoying Jacqueena and her  pups 
 2015 summer
Jella (my gypsy vanner stallion)  loving attention
Sweet moments with Dream summer of 2015
The two blogs that Manuela has kindly written about  Pieternella Moor  breeder of havanese and bernese mountain dogs. Kennel name Moorsbernese and Moorshavanese


Manuela Stephan is a Toronto based photographer who has a special connection with animals and their people.
Drawn to horses and dogs in particular, she travels both outside of Toronto and internationally for creative commissions.
She will tell your story in compelling ways, put together beautiful coffee table books and create art in the process.
Her unique equine and canine portraits on wood have been appreciated in Canadian and US based art gallery shows.
Her work can be seen on:
Dream and Shireen   enjoying their treats!!
Below are photos on the Television series breeder of the pack, animal planet, daily planet. I am helping my daughter Sherry. She is the originator of the bernedoodles. She breds goldendoodles and bernedoodles. My daughter's website is   Sherry graduated with honours as a vet. technologist.  She has her own kennel called Swissridgekennels. She enjoys donating and fundraising for autistic children or children in need.
Helping My Daughter On Breeder Of The Pack
The Famous Yswen - Life as an actor
Yswen my bernese mountain dog I imported from Europe as a pup. Life as an actor. Enjoying the day with the camera crew /actors filming an ad for Unilock. He was featured in unilock's magazine..
Home of Moors Havanese
Located in peaceful farm country, locate one hour north of Toronto, Ontario. My location has stunning colourful  sunsets from spring to summer. Plus stunning winter snow covered scenery.

Photo below is Pieternella with Dream ( gyspy vanner). 
Summer 2020 on the farm