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​Jack O is my charming havanese I imported from California. He is chocolate in colour. Both his parents were chocolate. His grandparents on his sires side were chocolate and parti chocolate. His grandparents on his moms side were chocolate with white markings and black parti. As you can see from his picture he has immense charm. He has long silky wavy hair with stunning looks. His gait is unique. lively and springy which accentuates his happy character. Jack O loves to cuddle with many kisses, he is extremely affectionate
His weight - 8 lbs  and height 81/2.

Health Clearances:

American Kennel Club  Registration Certificate #  TS01876304
Canadian Kennel Club Registration Certificate #   1117274
Certified Pedigree
OFA patellar luxation certificate dated 12/27/2011, no evidence of patellar luxation, OFA number HAV-PA3385/14M/P-VPI
OFA cardiac certificate, no evidence of congential cardiac disease, dated 12/27/2011 OFA number  HAV- CA2155/14M/P-VPI
• Pre breeding examination, no evidence of eye disease, heart- normal, bite good, patella normal, confirmation excellent.

Chubaca  is a stunning phantom black havanese with  silver  markings and long silky soft coat. Chubaca has a cheerful personality. He loves attention and his walks. His weight is 16 pounds.

Health Clearances;
Pre breeding  vet.  examination includes: confirmation/ body structure is excellent. Patella - no evidence of patellar luxation. Cardiac- no evidence of abnormalities. Eye examination - no abnormalities. Bite normal. Healthy.

Moorshavanese Baloo
Moorshavanese Baloo is a stuning irish pied chocolate male. He is comical, loves attention. Has  a bubbly personality. He has long, soft, silky coat. His coat has not been cut since birth in the photos above. These photos were taken on a windy day. Thus the carefree windy hair style. His weight is 13.5 pounds. He will be used in my breeding program in 2023. His recent pre breeding vet examination, confirmation  and body structure is excellent. Patella - no evidence of patellar luxation, Cardiac- no evidence of abnormalities. Eye examination  with vet visit - no abnormalities noted. Bite normal. Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, Inc results below. Results can also be seen on O.F.A. website.

Health Clearances:
March 9/23    O.F.A  number  HAV-BCA1138/12M/P-VPI     Results: Normal cardiovascular examination via auscultation - No evidence of congenital or acquired heart disease was noted.

March 9/23    O.F.A. number HAV-PA8888/12M/P-VPI      Results: The results of the examination submitted to OFA indicate that no evidence of patellar luxation was recognized.

March 10/23    O.F.A. application number 2438984  Results: Good hip formation. Well formed hip formation as compared with other individuals of same age and breed. 

March 10/23    O.F.A.  number HAV-LP2920/12M-VPI  Results:Based upon the radiograph submitted, no phenotypic evidence of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease was recognized.

Aladdin is from Arizona.  He is a handsome  chocolate boy  with white markings. He has a lovely wavy, silky coat. He has a natural beauty with a family oriented personality. Weighing  14 lbs 10 oz.  

Health Clearance:

Canadian Kennel Club Certificate
American Kennel Club Certificate
OFA Cardiac Certificate # HAV-CA2602/12M/P-VPI,  no evidence of congential cardiac disease
OFA Patellar luxation Certificate # HAV-PA3893/12M/P-VPI, no evidence of patellar laxation  
•Pre breeding  health examination eyes normal, bite good confirmation excellent.
Retired Males
Teddy Benjie

He is retired and living with new family. Chubaca is his son. He was very gentle and affectionate.