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Jack O is my charming havanese I imported from California. He is chocolate in colour. Both his parents were chocolate. His grandparents on his sires side were chocolate and parti chocolate. His grandparents on his moms side were chocolate with white markings and black parti. As you can see from his picture he has immense charm. He has long silky wavy hair with stunning looks. His gait is unique. lively and springy which accentuates his happy character. Jack O loves to cuddle with many kisses, he is extremely affectionate
His weight - 8 lbs  and height 81/2.
Health Clearances:

  • American Kennel Club  Registration Certificate #  TS01876304
  • Canadian Kennel Club Registration Certificate #   1117274
  • Certified Pedigree
  • OFA patellar luxation certificate dated 12/27/2011, no evidence of patellar luxation, OFA number HAV-PA3385/14M/P-VPI
  • OFA cardiac certificate, no evidence of congential cardiac disease, dated 12/27/2011 OFA number  HAV- CA2155/14M/P-VPI
  • Beaverton Vet Clinic pre breeding examination, no evidence of eye disease, heart- normal, bite good, patella normal, confirmation excellent

Aladdin is from Arizona.  He is a handsome  chocolate boy  with white markings. He has a lovely wavy, silky coat. He has a natural beauty with a family oriented personality. Weighing  14 lbs 10 oz.  

Health Clearance:

  • Canadian Kennel Club Certificate
  • American Kennel Club Certificate
  • OFA Cardiac Certificate # HAV-CA2602/12M/P-VPI,  no evidence of congential cardiac disease
  • OFA Patellar luxation Certificate # HAV-PA3893/12M/P-VPI, no evidence of patellar laxation  
  • Beaverton Crossroads Vet Clinic breeding examination eyes normal, bite good confirmation excellent.

Teddy- Benjie is a striking chocolate and white havanese. He has a  sweet, comical personality. He is a sweetheart. He comes from a line of many show championship. I imported him from California. He has a gentle, kind personality and love affection.

Health Clearances:

Canadian Kennel Club Certificate
American Kennel Club Certificate
OFA Cardiac Certificate # OFA 3 HAV-CA3403/14MP-VPI, no evidence of congenital cardiac disease  
OFA Patellar Certificate #   OFA  HAV-PA4757/14M/P-VPI, no evidence of patellar luxation
Beaverton Crossroads Vet Clnic breeder examination, bite good, heart normal, eyes normal, confirmation excellent, patellas normal,  no abnormalities found.
Chubaca  is a stunning phantom black havanese with  silver  markings and long silky soft coat. Chubaca has a cheerful personality. He loves attention and his walks. His weight is 16 pounds.

Health Clearances;
Beaverton Crossroads Vet Service examination  confirmation/ body structure is excellent Patella - no evidence of patellar luxation. Cardiac- no evidence of abnormalities. Eye examination - no abnormalities. Bite normal. Chubaca will be used in my breeding program in the future.
photo taken summer 2020

 This photo of Chubac was taken 2020 on a chilly winter morning after a play in the snow with my bernese mountain dog " Carrie". 
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