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Updated Nov 10                   MOORSHAVANESE    PUPPY  /  LITTER INFORMATION  
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 I have puppies available in Serena and Teddy’s litter. Serena’s FEMALE ONE is available, she has a white body with beautiful chocolate markings. Serena’s FEMALE TWO is AVAILABLE, she is an adorable chocolate colour, white chest, tan legs with white feet. Serena’s MALE ONE is AVAILABLE, he is handsome white body with chocolate patterns. These sweet fur babies were born Nov 2. They are ready for new homes Dec 28 and Dec 29. Mom and Dad have a kind, gentle personality. Please scroll down to puppy photos  below( they are the last litter on puppy photo page)

KATIE  and JACKO     due end of Nov, puppies will be ready for new homes the end of  Jan, they will be chocolate with white markings or black with white markings, estimated adult weight 10 to 12 pounds. I am accepting deposits for this litter   

EMMA and  ALADDIN       due mid Dec, puppies ready mid Feb,  puppies will be chocolate tri, estimated adult weight 12 to 14 pounds  (ACCEPTING DEPOSITS)

  will send  detailed information regarding the  adoption process via email.  I prefer emails rather then phone calls

All my puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered with non breeding contracts, health guarantee, microchipped,  vaccinated, dewormed prior to leaving for new homes.Please visit the parents information page to view the health clearances. I am selective and careful in my breeding program only breeding with parents that have completed health clearances including vet checked for  good confirmation- include  OFA cardiac, OFA patella, eyes, bite and confirmation or a vet letter stating heart, patella, confirmation, bite, eyes are all normal.  I am a longtime dedicated breeder of these wonderful fur babies with unloving delightful personalities of the havanese bred. I am located one hour north of Toronto, excellent highway driving.




DOB  sept 26,  three females, two males
ready for pick up Nov 20 and 21 
photos will  taken birth, Oct 17 and final photos Nov 5
litter reserved
final photos of Annabella's pups taken Nov 4


DOB OCT 17, two females and one male
pick up day Dec 11
photos taken Nov 4
Jade's FEMALE ONE      adopted by Lee family
parti colour chocolate and white body
ANNABELLE'S FEMALE TWO  adopted by Pasnick family
strawberry chocolate brindle colour, underbody and legs white, tail 1/2 white, dark face

ANNABELLA'S  FEMALE ONE    adopted by Da silva family
dark chocolate colour, white underbody and white feet 
Jade's  MALE ONE  adopted by Baker-Nguyen family
chocolate body, tan legs, white chest and white toes
ANNABELLE'S FEMALE THREE    adopted by Kincaid family

gold/tan  brindle colour, face darker mask , four white toes and white patch on chest
Jade's FEMALE TWO     adopted by  Brophy family
chocolate body, white chest, tan legs, white feet
ANNABELLE'S MALE ONE adopted by Durante family
dark chocolate body,  white underbelly and white legs, tail 1/2 white
ANNABELLE'S  adopted by Griepsma family
apricot colour, white legs and underbody
smaller in size, nursing well and a strong little guy
    PUPPIES AVAILABLE, one male and two females   in Serena's litter please scroll down to   photos/info below
 four photos of this puppy  
three photos of this puppy

BORN NOV 2  two females, four males
ready for pick up Dec 28 and Dec 29
photos below  taken Nov 4

white body with chocolate spots, white tail, she has very pretty face.  Estimated size as adult 12 pounds
 Serena's FEMALE  TWO          AVAILABLE
chocolate body, white feet and tan legs, white on chest.
MALE ONE                 AVAILABLE
parti colour white body with chocolate spots, handsome boy, estimated adult weight 15 to 16 pounds
MALE THREE            adopted by Violin family
chocolate body, tan legs, tan eyebrows, white cross on chest, back toes white
MALE FOUR    adopted by Ebrahimi family
chocolate body, tan legs with white feet, long horizontal white patch on chest