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Marvin is such a wonderful puppy, he is doing very well and is such a wonderful addition to our family Rita Conlin
Stella and Greta 
Thought you might want to see how Stella is. I took these pictures this week so she is almost 4 months.
It is really hard to take a picture because she is so attached to me, she hardly gets 2 feet away from me. :-)
Everyone loves Stella. People cross the street to see her, she is so adorable. :-) Enjoy, Cheri Roe

Stella loves the snow. I finally got her a sweater and it really helps with the 'snow balls' that gather on her belly.
Words cannot begin to describe how much joy SoHo has brought to our family. Since the day we got her, she has been an incredible addition to our family. Not only is she well tempered, smart, and well behaved, but she has a hilarious personality that keeps us laughing for hours. The Havanese are certainly a great family dog. The amount of care and love that Moorshavanese puts into their breeding program is incredible. We couldn't have asked for a more cute, happy, and healthy puppy.                 Thanks Brittany Green
Miss Mya 
In 2013, Sharon and I finally started to think about getting a puppy. We live in a downtown high rise condominium and work long hours at the hospital. We worried about whether we could change our live styles to raise a puppy. The answer was, “yes, or at least we will try very hard”. Initially, we wanted a tiny goldendoodle because of the size, temperament, and no/low shedding. So, we ended up on Sherry’s Swissridge Kennel website. After talking with Sherry about all kinds of possibilities, she ended up saying, “you should go to my mother’s website, Moors Havanese, and ask her about her Havanese puppies. They are like little clowns”.

So, the rest is history. We flew to Toronto from Columbus Ohio and drove 1 ½ hours to Pieternella’s home to pick up our little Ms Mya on her 2 month old birthday! We put together a group of slides that tells the story of how we have fallen in love with her. And we hope you enjoy them. She has changed our lives and touched all that she has met. She has flown with us to see relatives in Boston, Marco Island Florida, and Scottsdale Arizona. She has “foster parents”, Debra and Scott, that live in the same condo and love her as much as we do. She visits Debra’s 92 y/o father and brightens his day as well as all of our relatives…sons, daughters, parents, brothers, nieces, nephews, and soon grandbabies.

Mya was raised as a condo puppy living high above the city, river, and park. It took her only 2 days to learn how to ring the jingle bells hung on the outside terrace door to let us know she had to go potty. We bought her a Porch Potty and she uses it any time of day or night. All of the other dog owners in our condo are jealous. Mya still loves her walks in the park, air travel with us to fun places, visiting family and friends, as well as other puppies and dogs.

Sharon and I are planning on getting a little brother for Mya and of course, we will be flying back to see Pieternella again to pick up Cooper some day in the undecided future. Pieternella is a gracious breeder and has become our friend that we share pictures of Ms Mya and her escapades. We are grateful to have found Moors Havanese and highly recommend Pieternella to anyone considering buying a Havanese. The are little clowns like Sherry said, but they are the most loving breed we have ever owned.  
   Dr John & Sharon Cheatham
Our little havanese pup has just past his first birthday May 17 and I wanted to send along a photo of our beautiful little boy whom we picked up from you July 13th of last summer. Originally we called him Duffy but quickly observed that Rollie was a much better name for this happy little fellow who loved to roll and roll while playing and resting. He is a true delight, gently and happy in every way and we just love him  A wonderful companion who loves to be with his master all the time enjoying both inside and outside activities. A true lap dog, he cuddles up often and for long periods. I hope you enjoy seeing Rollie, we think he is super cute           Brenda and Steve Taylor
 Stella and Gretta

"Just writing a note to say Thank you Pieternella, for taking such wonderful care of these pups. Not only do I get compliments on how beautiful he is but also how well tempered he is. I attribute this to the calm lifestyle you carry in your household and your genuine love and care for animals. I met several breeders before picking my little boy, but I chose you because I noticed how much you truly cared and loved these pups. When meeting Darwin's parents, I noticed how happy they were. They were very social and had such a wonderful area to socialize with one another. I constantly get told that Darwin is very well mannered, very social and a joy to be around. He is a complete goof ball and just wants to play with everyone. He's almost 2 now, but still acts like a puppy. He never barks, only when he would like to alert me that someone is at the door. He was very easy to train and already did 8 tricks at 3 months old! The vet was astonished! He continues to amaze me with how smart he is. He gets along with all kinds of animals and of course his best friend is a cat. Thanks again  Pieternella (Patricia)! I am so thankful to have him in my life!         Nah
Mya and Osu bear  adopted by John and Sharon

We are so happy with our dog and he fits perfectly in our family.
                               Carol De Groot
Hi Pieternella! 
I thought I would send you some pictures of Daisy's adventures since I brought her home.Her first night she went to my niece's birthday party.  Then on Halloween she got a costume and my granddaughter's met her.  She loves her new backyard.  Chasing leaves is so much fun :)  Her favourite game is playing with the cat's tail.  He doesn't enjoy it though!I hope all the puppies are having fun in their new homes and Mulan doesn't miss them too much.Thanks again for giving me Daisy, everyone loves her to pieces!

 Nancy Lee
First big snow and my snowgirls love the snow. :-) Cheri
Just to let u know Shelby is doing fantastic.  She has adjusted perfect loving her new home and her mommy and daddy and brother.  She is eating and drinking great.  I have spoiled her rotten lol.  She loves to cuddle around are chest and fall asleep.  We are having so much fun with her.  Thank you very much for such a lovely puppy, I will send u pictures as she grows.                   Sharon , Rick and Shelby 
Just a quick email to let you know that Marvin is still doing wonderful.  
Rita Conlin
Just wanted to let you know that Joules is just wonderful. She is so sociable and loving. She loves to be held and falls asleep in my arms. She is very good at night. Sleeping 6 hours straight in her crate . I think the most important thing for me is the fact that she was clearly socialized by you and your helper. Thanks again        Irene David
Hi Pieternella
Cherie and I wanted to share this with you. 
Nismo went to the groomer for another puppy trim. He was so well behaved that he received a good boy tie.
We think he looks so handsome in his tie, that we wanted to share it with you.  Nismo  has adjusted nicely  to his new home.  He just adores our older Havanese, Zoey.  They have bonded and have a special  relationship  considering the age difference.  They  seem  to  look out for one another and enjoy being in each other's  presence. 
I never dreamed  that  such  a  wonderful  bond would  happen  between  the  two  of  them.We love Nismo so much that we would also love to share that he has an exceptional sweet side. He gives a lot of kisses and loves to cuddle in your arms or lap. He has a funny sense of humour and has created his own games. His favourite is hide and seek, he also likes to play catch me if you can. 
Nismo always brightness our day because his tail is  always waging. He performs funny tricks on a daily basis to make us laugh. 
He is our precious little boy       Sincerely  Pat Elliott
Max has been a joy to us since his arrival.  He is a happy little dog who loves to go for walks, play in the snow in the backyard and generally keep us amused all day long.  When our grandchildren come over he is overjoyed with excitement and they love him immensely. His springing walk is adorable.  Max loves other dogs, no matter their size.  His good breeding is obvious as he is very clever and can already sit, stay and walk around on his back legs on command.  His favourite pastime is sitting with me while I read a good book.  We look forward to many years of enjoyment with our new addition. Kathleen
Dear Pieternella, 
We couldn't let the 2nd anniversary of our picking up Rollie go by without sending you a couple photographs and once again letting you know that we LOVE him so much and we just cannot say enough about how wonderful an addition to our home he is.  We take him everywhere with us and he is just a joy to have around.  We have included a picture of Rollie on a doggie bike seat called a Buddy Rider as we wondered if perhaps some of your clients might like to also purchase this product.  We first noticed this product as it was featured on "Dragons' Den" and then we purchased one at  This is an extremely affordable unit and the engineering and ease of use are exceptional.
I will leave it up to you whether or not you want to include this information on your reference page.  Again, we cannot say enough good about our little Rollie, he is simply a pure delight.  We picked him up July 13th, 2013 and it is as if he has always been with us.  We thank you again for this wonderful pup.

Brenda & Steve Taylor
Dear Pieternella,
I wanted to send you a few pictures of Pintxo (puppy of Teddy-Benjie & Catina), so you can see how he has grown, and to thank-you for your part in bringing so much joy into my home!
Pintxo is 10 months old now, and healthy, happy, curious, comical and totally adorable! He truly loves people, almost never barks (knock on wood) and except for an inability to resist the temptation to chew the fringes on my blanket, is very well behaved. My mom, who was with me when I picked him up, is also very close to him, and he's extremely popular at her retirement residence where he stays when I'm traveling. I'm very fortunate and grateful to have him. Thank-you!

You can see or follow Pintxo at
Pintxo (@pintxo_havanese) • Instagram photos and videos
My name is Pintxo (tx sounds like ch) I'm Havanese, born Feb 13, 2016 I live in Brooklin, ON Canada with my human, Craig

Just want to tell you how much we are enjoying Rudy!  He is a real charmer!  We think he has his dad’s good looks as well We had a great summer and Rudy spent time at a cottage enjoying boat rides and swimming. He weighs 9 lbs 7 oz.  or 4.4 kg. He has gone to puppy training and an obedience course.  Rudy got by with the basics but he would rather have just wrestled with his classmates. He is a real little boy! J  He is so clever.  He knows the names of his favorite toys.  He will place each one in his crate at bedtime according to what we tell him.  He loves to sit on our lap and just look into our eyes!  What more could you ask?      the semple family  

                                                                   Rudy drying off after fun in the lake!!!
I'm happy to tell people about this little ball of fluffy love! He's pure fun and just oozing warmth and always ready with endless kisses. He's just fit in with our family so beautifully and has grown especially close to my thirteen year old son. He's only been with us 5 or 6 weeks, but we cannot remember a time when he wasn't our special little boy! 

Today is Desi's first birthday. We couldn't love this boy more! He's an integral part of our family and just provides us with endless snuggles and laughs   ( photo to right)
Laura Beck


I just wanted to thank you. I have had my puppy Mojito (Mojo) for almost a month now and he is an absolute delight.
He's a smart, happy, little guy who immediately loves each new person he meets. On top of that, he is truly gorgeous. Everyone comments on his beautiful chocolate colour.
I could not be more pleased with him so thanks again.
Michelle Lamoureux
    Daisey and Ozzie 
Evening Pieternella
We have two of your havanese.
They are adorable and we love them dearly!!
Daisie in the pink harness is from Tiana and Jack o litter she is going to be 3 in august and Ozzie in the red bandana is from jade and Benji litter just turned 1 in january.

deborah and todd
Mandy       adopted by the Martin family
Hi Pieternella:
Mandy loves to play & has so much energy. She walks with us for 35 mins in the mid-morning & 15 mins mid-afternoon & still has energy to run around the backyard with me playing. She loves to play peek-a-boo & we have a small tennis ball in a sock that's tied up & she'll chase that & bring it back over & over inside the house or outside in the yard. She loves to have her 'people' with her all the time & she talks to us in her 'dogspeak'. If she's tired, she looks @ her crate if she's up on the couch or our our bed with us & mouths a bark @ us to let her go in it. She loves to snuggle with us & if we're standing & hug she'll climb up our legs & yip @ us to make sure she's included. She loves everyone she's met walking in the neighbourhood or visiting our home. She has a 'boyfriend' around the corner from us (a poodle that's double her size & born the same day) that she just loves to run & wrestle with & she lets him know that she's the boss. She's very curious but cautious about new surroundings & if anything's different in 'her house/yard'. She's a good watchdog if she hears a noise etc. sometimes too good! We just love her & couldn't imagine life without her in it! She's a great companion!

Take care,
Laurie Martin

Dear Pieternella,
I just wanted to say thank you for our darling Beemer. It was love at first sight. He is truly an amazing addition to our family. He is extremely smart, has a great personality and loves to give kisses, even to his Havanese brothers. He is almost 5 months old and weighs about 10lbs. His markings are absolutely gorgeous. He is dark chocolate and has green eyes and people remark that he looks like he stepped out of a paint can. We have been going to obedience classes and he caught on right away. He loves to play with the other puppies. And he loves our family. We could not have asked for more!! He is a little "love". Everything you could want in a pet. And he is so smart, has a very even disposition and loves to give kisses. 
The brothers are tolerating him, but he hasn't given up. He has just found his legs. You can not believe how high he can jump. He loves toys and he wants you to throw them and he brings them right back. 
You do such a fantastic job with your breeding program. It was worth the trip over the border to pick him up.
We couldn't be happier. 
Thanks again,
Terry Young and Family
Hi Pieternella,
Brady is a very intelligent, affectionate, active little guy. He's up to 6.5 pounds and is doing well with learning basic commands and potty training. Here is a photo of him looking at me putting on my socks - and plotting how to get one of them!  Excuse the shaggy appearance- he goes to his first grooming this week....hope all is good with you.We are delighted with how well socialized he is - there isn't a person so far that he hasn't cheerfully greeted. 
 Kate & Mark Jordan
Hi Pieternella 
Cherie  and  I  just wanted  to  share with  you  a little  story about  Nismo. 
He went to  the  vet for his first year  check up, but while in the  waiting room  he turned on his charm (that he inherited  from Jack and Chia ) with all the other people. 
He would  look at  each individual  person  and wag his tail wanting their attention.  The entire waiting room was in awe of his personality, charm and ability  to  manipulate  the  crowd. The laughter was flowing  throughout  the  entire waiting  room. What we noticed was that the more the people  laughed, the more he performed.  It was quite  the  sight to witness.
Nismo is  an  amazing  little  boy. We absolutely  love and adore  him.
Pat and Cherie Elliott

​Hi Pieternella,
Cherie and I just wanted to share this information with you.Nismo was at the groomers today. He was really well behaved, but also a real charmer. The groomer said that he was wagging his tail and he gave her lots of kisses as well. She said that she deals with a lot of dogs, but hasn't come across a dog with so much personality as Nismo.
Once again, Chia and Jack's genes are reflected in our little guy.Cherie and I experience Nismo's charm and extraordinary personality everyday, but to hear someone else express it makes our Havanese special.I have attached a recent photo of Nismo.
Pat and Cherie Elliott

Rudy adopted by the Semple family
 ( a pup from Mulan /Jack O)
Bailey  adopted by the Sharkey family
Hi Pieternella
Bailey is very affectionate & playful.  She loves to play fetch with us and get out for walks.   We get asked often on our walks what breed of dog she is, as everyone loves her markings especially her eyebrows. She was very timid up until recently with both people & other dogs but we've been socializing her more recently which has helped her be less shy. Bailey's 6 months old now & has settled in to her new home & family. She follows us everywhere & gives us lots of kisses. She's a sweetie!  
You're a wonderful breeder who takes great care to ensure your puppies find good homes. You go to great depths to ensure every puppy has many years of good health & brings many years of joy to their new family.
Thank you again for enabling us to have Bailey in our family.   

Nancy Sharkey
Good morning Pieternella 

I hope all is well. 

Thought you might like to see what Cappuccino looks like now. The attached photo was taken yesterday after his first session with a local groomer called Canine Coiffur - they're more like a spa just for dogs complete with a sofa for pups and blueberry facials! 

Cappuccino is now 17 weeks old and weighed 8.5 pounds at his 16w check-up with the vet. He has quickly fit in with our family. He is very loving, playful and affectionate. He is a bit shy around people he doesn't know, (something that started around 4-months) but we let him take his time and once he has warmed up to them he wags his tail happily and allows cuddles. He puts on quite a show on our daily walks trying to capture the attention of passers-by, and then plays coy when they stop to say hello. 

Puppy school is next on our list - he begins early next month. 

We love our furry little muppet! 

We still check-out your web site and noticed your pups have had several litters. Congratulations! They're all adorable. We are confident their families-to-be will be as happy as we are with a Moors Havanese puppy. 

Because of Cappuccino's unique appearance (people often say they have never seen a dog with his beautiful colouring and eyes) and affectionate personality we are often asked about what type of breed he is and where we got him. I am quick to direct them to Moors Havanese. We are so pleased with our experience with you.
Enjoy the rest of your summer! 

Take care, 

April Torresan and Family
Luca  owner Eix family
Hello Pieternella, 
Just wanted to let you know how Béatrice (Baya) is doing! She is from Emma and Teddy-Benjie’s litter, is currently nine months old,  and has the most infectious personality. 

Everyone that meets her falls in love and its a rare occasion if we don’t get stopped multiple times while we are out and about. Everyone often asks if she’s real because she looks like a stuffed animal and comments on her colour and markings. Havanese is still a breed unknown to many but a lot of curiosity is out there! I have passed along your information to many who are interested in bringing home a puppy just like her. 

Béatrice is friendly with everyone she meets, dogs and humans a like but she especially loves children. She is adored by everyone at her vet clinic, and is even becoming a prospect grooming model for her groomer who says she is the most behaved and sweet mannered dog who loves attention and care. Béatrice is literally the light of my life and I can’t imagine it without her! She exceeds all that I had desired on my list of wants when finding the right puppy and having her as a part of my family has been priceless. 

Thank you for all the effort and time you put into breeding such wonderful dogs. I have seen the same temperament and quirks in my puppy that you mention in the description of the parents and it just confirms that you truly know your dogs well and care so much about them. 

I have included some photos below but feel free to follow Béatrice on Instagram for more updates @eh.its.bea 
Sincerely   Monique  Walker

Béatrice (Baya) 
Meet our Havanese ... Hershey. We came across Moors Havanese and knew this was the place to get our pup. Our daughter had been pleading for a puppy for years and after loads of research we decided on this breed. Well I have to say that we made the right choice and with the right breeder. Pieternella was super patient in explaining her process and was nothing shy of exceptionally professional.  

We waited patiently for our pup and she finally arrived and was ready to go home last august 2016. It's coming up to a year now that we've had Hershey and she has most definitely changed our lives. She's a FULL member of our family.  

She has the best personality and is so loving and affectionate. She's truly like my 4th child 👶 which makes for a busy life. She's the exact color and size we wanted. Everyone adores her.  

I'd highly recommend Pieternella Moor. She's an expert at her trade!! You can't go wrong with her puppies. I've referred several people and am always singing her praises. Long after bringing Hershey home Pieternella continued to be helpful with training our pup. 

Here's a few adorable pics of Hershey!!! 

Ella Zelikman
 Daisy, Duke, Tiana    Matsumura 
Having researched the Havanese breed, in 2016, I stumbled across Moors Havanese. Reading all the reviews and looking at the available puppies, I decided to give Pieternella a call and inquire about her breeding program. Pieternella was an absolute pleasure to talk to and very knowledgeable. You can tell she takes great pride in her breeding program and it shows in her puppies. We purchased our first Havanese from Moors. A beautiful female chocolate parti. She brought so much joy into our home, and in 2017 we decided to add a second Havanese to our family. A stunning male, with the most beautiful, fun loving personality. 

Recently, I found myself browsing the Moors Havanese website, as I often do because I love looking at the photos and updates that Pieternella posts. And after much discussion, my husband and I decided to add a third havanese to our family. We will be welcoming our beautiful chocolate havanese Tiana in February 2019.I can’t say enough about Pieternella and the Moors Havanese breeding program

Thank you Pieternella for doing what you do. We could not picture our lives without our Moors Havanese. They bring so much joy, love and laughter into our home. 
Anyone looking for a dog with a fun loving personality, should give Pieternella and Moors Havanese great consideration.
Sincerely Sophia
Daisy & Duke our Havanese from Moors:
Tiana Matsumura
Daisy and Duke Matusmura
Moose               adopted by Ella
Lovely photos from my clients

Easton McBride
Hi Pieternella,
Just wanted to give you an update on Easton, he is doing really well!  We are very happy that you gave us the opportunity to adopt him, he has brought such joy to our family.  We were very surprised at how quickly and easy he was to train.  I don't know if that was just him or the breed.  
He is coming up 9 months and weighs 12 lbs.  He's loves to play and loves to cuddle.  He is truly an amazing dog.  
Thank you again,
The McBride family.